Thursday, November 25, 2010

Radio City Christmas Spectular Featuring the Rockettes!

So we got tickets and headed into the city yesterday!  When we got to the train station I forgot since it was a weekday we had to pay for parking, something I hadn't had to do before but oh well, only like $3!  Get on the train and get going!  Of course while on the train I start not feeling so great (surgery wise) plus this nasty cold I have but I dealt with it!  We got to Grand Central and headed outside!  The plan was to take a taxi everywhere since it was cold and I "can't" walk as much as normal!  Well Shane pulled out his GPS on his phone and said it was close so we'll just walk.  So we head up Lexington from 42nd to 39th!  Then we go up to 6th and go figure next thing we know we are going past 42nd again!  We could have just came right up 42nd and been the same place but NOOOOOOOOO  WE were following the GPS instead :(  I was NOT a happy camper!  We are like speed walking because we know it's getting later and later and I wanted to be at Radio City by this point!  So we finally get there and head over to a LONG line when a guys says if we already have tickets we have to go to "this" line!  Well we start walking the line, and walking and walking and walking some more!  We are at LEAST three blocks away from the door :(  I'm PISSED at this point because we only have 15 mins till show time and ya know they are going to start on time.  So finally the line starts to move a little and we hear a cop say that the 54th street door is not line so we book it!!  Literally we ran (Paxton and I) and Shane had a good kick to his step too!  So we get in the line and get through the door and find our seats!! WOW, great seats on the floor!  We had like 2 mins and the show started! A guy with cotton candy comes by and I think, what the hey, lets get her some!  So I flag him over and I ask how much and he says, $12! WTF???  NO!!!!  OMG The show was just too Awesome!  It was really the best thing I've done in NY thus far!  The Rockettes were awesome and the Santa (MC) was So real like!!!  There was some surprises and it was just all around great!  Afterwards Shane wanted to go eat at Grays Papaya.  We again start to walk because he is "sure" it's just up the road!! YEAH NO!  So we get a cab!  We tell the guy 2090 Broadway and he takes us to 29th and Broadway! UMMM NO!!!  SO again we tell him the address (like 10 times) and he plugs it into his GPS and off we go!  So we get there and OMFG it was a $25.00!!!!  Again, I'm pissed but whatever!  So Shane gets his hotdogs and Paxton trys one too and they both LOVE them and they had better!!!  The hotdogs and drink cost $5 so alas, it was a $30 damn hotdog!! LOL

So we grab another cab and head back to Grand Central where Shane and Pax get cupcakes and we hit the train home!! 

According to Shane it was all an adventure and I will agree that yes in a way it was and rinding around the city with all the lights and such was cool but I was SO SORE and COLD!!!  But the whole point of us going in was for the show which was AWESOME!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15 - The Person You Miss the Most (30 days of Me)

The person I miss the most???  Right now I can honestly say I miss ME, the REAL ME!  I don't feel like myself and I haven't for sometime now :(  I feel like I am trapped inside my own mind and I can't get out!  I know, I totally sound crazy and sometimes I do think I am! LOL  I really think what a lot of it is because of this transition we (Shane and I) are going through not being in the military anymore, him not working anymore, moved away from EVERYONE we knew and we still haven't found "friends" here!  I have some GREAT co-workers but alas, they are also military spouses and will be gone soon too :(  I just really do miss the person I used to be!  I was fun, full of life, wit, charm, laughter!  I feel like none of that is there anymore :(  I just keeping trying to find me and it just isn't happening.

Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted From (30 days of Me)

Someone I have drifted from??? Hmmm??  There is A LOT of people!!  Being a part of the Military Family people come and go and some you will hold close and others you will not!  I keep thinking back to Fort Riley, the first three years of our Army life and OMG it was AWESOME!!  I got there knowing noone and nothing about the Army and I left there feeling like an experienced Army wife with power and knowledge and FAMILY!  Army spouses are more then just friends to one another, we do become a family and I really miss that family!  There was a group of us at Fort Riley, many belonging to an internet board together (many still do) but when we were all at the same place and having park play dates, coffees, ESC events, etc. it was really the best times!  I was happy and full of spark and now I have drifted from that family, that closeness with anyone in person (still have my ties with many of my Army family but it's so different when you are 1000 miles apart!).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 13 - Someone You Wish You Could Forgive (30 Days of me)

Right now the person I wish I could forgive is myself.  I am my own worst critic and I am harder on myself then anyone else!  I really feel that I have failed in providing correctly for my family and living the life I want!  I do know that it's not my fault that the contract isn't being renewd, that is dang Lynch's fault but I am the one who knew that the possiblity of the contract end was there and I chose to move my family here!  Shoot, I swear this is the second most expensive place to live (besides HI) and now we are "stuck" here until our lease is up.  Yes, if I get a job elsewhere I will move on my own to work and that itself is a SUCKY thing that again, is MY FAULT!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 12 - The Person You Hate Most/Caused You A Lot Of Pain (30 days of me)

A person who has cause me a lot of pain right now is LTG Lynch!  He is the General of IMCOM and he has decided to not renew the Customer Management Services Contract so I am now going to be out of a job!  So not only has he decided to put 30+ people out of jobs (some of which are the bread winners for their family) but he is getting rid of a program that has Beneifited  A LOT of Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians and Retirees throughout the US Army!  For the last couple of years a lot of the Army's focus has been on what can we do to keep our Families happy which in turn makes the Soldier's happy which keeps them IN the army and this program is a way for them to know what is wrong and suggestions for them to fix it.  Too bad because the decision of one person this avenue of getting those issues resolved is now gone :(

I gambled and I didn't win :(

So I know that I took a HUGE risk in moving to New York knowing that the possiblity of the contract not being renewed and I myself took that gamble, and now I've lost :(  My contract is ending in 24 days.  Of those 24 days I'll only be working 17 days!  This is Crazy insane and I can't believe it has really come down to this!  NOW WHAT?  Shane asked me last night what do I want to do now? There is NO want in this situation what so ever there is only what we are going to have to do and I don't even know what that is!  I have been applying my butt off to other jobs for at least 2 months now and NOTHING has happened!  DAMN CPOL/CPAC and their STUPID system and I can't get my resume picked up for NOTHING even though I pratically had other more experienced people write it for me and still nothing!  I hate the way this system works and just because Shane retired I can't even apply for half the jobs :(  I know what I can do, I know what I am qualified for but I'm not even given a chance :(
So now what?  I keep applying for jobs and even apply for jobs that are "below" me now just so that we can at least pay our bills!  If I just go on unemployment that will be like making 8.25 a hour! OMFG I haven't made that little of an amount since I was in HIGH SCHOOL!  This is NUTS!
I still just can't belive that I have put my family in this position, I'm sure a failure :(

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 11 - A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk Too (30 days of me)

This was a hard one but since I believe that God  calls you when it is your time and you should be "left in peace" but if I had to really choose someone I would choose Alan or Tim.  Alan was a dear friend of ours a few years back who took his own life and Tim was a friend of mine from WAY back who also took his own life.  The reason why I choose them was for one question each, Why?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 10 - Someone You Don't Talk To As Much As You'd Like Too (30 days of me)

Someone that I don't talk to as much as I would like to??  Well I have a few of those but those who come to mind first are Kelly and Bri!  Kelly is a GREAT friend and I miss her a lot!  We clicked when I was a key caller for her when we both got to Hawaii!  I called her once and we chatted and I knew she was totally a nice person.  Later we ended up being at FRG things together and we just became friends!  Our friendship grew as the deployment happened and I don't know if I would have made it through the deployment without her!  That deployment was a whole different ball game because I was working full time this time unlike the one before when I was a SAHM!  Kelly helped me out a lot since she has "been there done that" as far as being a military wife and a mother!  Her kids (esp. her daughter) helped me out SO MUCH as well with babysitting Paxton so I could actually have some adult time and enjoy friends!  We used to sit and talk for HOURS either by phone or sitting on her back porch drinking iced tea and smokin cigs!!  It was Great!

Bri is another friend from Hawaii (who is now in CA) and OMG I seriously couldn't have made it through deployment and work without her!!!  I was trying to make something of myself with work so that ment throughing EVERYTHING into working LONG hours and Bri was there to help me with Paxton and of course she was Awesome!!  Bri was the BEST neighbor I had ever had (after her was Amiee and she was AWESOME too!!!).  I hadn't ever had neighbors like Bri before!  I didn't know that it was possible to have real friends as neighbors and I MISS IT!!!  We used to sit in the garage (which had a big comfy chair) and smoke and drink and talk, talk and talk!!!  She is an AMAZING person and a Great Mother who has been through a lot in her life and she deserves to just be HAPPY!  I MISS HER!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 9 - Someone You Wish You Could Meet (30 days of me)

The one person I have ALWAYS said I wanted to meet was Tyra Banks!  People laugh at me and ask me if I'm for real when I say it too!?!?!?! LOL  I think that Tyra is an Amazing woman!  Not only was she a FABLOUS Super Model (which I know I'll NEVER be) but she is a business woman and has two TV shows (which I believe her talk show has gone away now :( )  I totally LOVE ANTM (America's Next Top Model) and if she wasn't the person "in charge" I don't know if I would watch!  Another thing that Tyra does that not everyone knows about is she runs a camp for girls to feel better about themselves.  She has the girls taught about self confidence and self respect!  Tweens/teens NEED this!  Tyra just really is an all around great person (from what I know of her)!  She isn't someone who is plastered all over the internet/gossip mags and that is another reason that makes me beleive that she really is a good person!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 8 - Your Favorite Opposite Sex Friend (30 Days of Me)

Of all time my favorite opposite sex Friend was Colin!  For the life of me I can't remember how I met Colin???  It's crazy to think back about him!  He really was my best friend for a long time!  We used to sit on the phone for HOURS (literally ALL NIGHT sometimes) just talking about crap!  I'm sure at the time we must have thought it was important but I'm sure it really wasn't! LOL  He knew EVERYTHING about me at the time, more then even a few girlfriends who I really trusted!  He was just that easy to talk to.  There were a few times when our "friendship" got a little "woozy" but nothing ever happened to make us not be friends!  It's been many years since I have had any contact with him but there are times here and there that something will bring up a memory of him and I do wonder what ever happened to him and I wish the best for him!

Day 7 - Your Parents (30 days of Me)

Well what can I say about my parents, they are my parents and I love them because of it!  There is  A LOT of history in this department that I would rather not dredge up at this time!  Right now in my life I have a good relationship with my parents and that is what really matters now!  They have been there for me over the past 6 years when I really needed them (bbsitting my daughter for my many surgeries and out of town conferences) and they have been supportive of my marriage and leaving with the Army! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 6 - A Stranger (30 Days of Me)

Well I can't really talk about a stranger that I have had contact with today but it's 425pm and I am still in my PJs and just woke up from a nice long nap!! 

The last strange I can remember having contact with is actually the hosptial staff on Tuesday.  Each person I talked to that day and had to verify my birthday relized that my birthday was the next day and each of them wished me a happy early birthday!  I thought that was very nice of them!

It was too funny that when I was telling a friend at work about this it was funny because she was like "I wouldn't have even relized the dates!"  And to think about it, a lot of people most likely wouldn't put the dates together that way so it was really neat that each of those ladies at the hosptial did!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 5 - Your Dreams (30 days of me)

My dreams??? Hmmmm???  I dream of winning the lottery but then again who doesn't! LOL

This could be taken two routes.  What do I dream of for myself (like as my future) or what I did dream of for myself or actually what do a Dream at night when I sleep!  Well I might as well address all thee above!!

As for what I dream about at night when I sleep, I don't really know!!  I haven't been remembering many dreams lately :(  The only one I can remember was a "clip" about how I was shopping (post-op) and I kept grabbing sizes that were too big and when I finally grabbed a size clothing that fit it was a number I don't EVER remember being able to fit in! LOL

For my dreams and aspiration, well right now I can honestly say I don't have much or more so I don't have any thing that isn't attainable within a few years.  I want to have a home with a yard so that my daughter and dog have a place to play.  I want to have extra money to travel with and to just enjoy life with my husband and daughter!  I do wish that I will have a more stable job that I enjoy doing as well as I enjoy this one!

What I dreamed of for the future many moons ago was that I would someday be a Lawyer in NYC!!!  Well the lawyer part isn't ever going to happen and I won't live in NYC but I do live an hour away! YAY!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4 - Your Siblings (30 days of me)

WOW, my sibling, what can I say about my sister Chance.  She's Great and now that I'm an adult and we don't live together I LOVE HER!! LOL

Growing up was interesting to say the least!  I was the younger sister and I wanted to be all up in her business!  Doesn't every younger sister?  Since we didn't have a lot of parental supervision (back in the day when you were able to leave children at home alone) we did a lot of whatever it was we wanted to do and of course, I wanted to do whatever it was that her and her friends were doing! I'm sure she hated me for awhile because of it! But, what older sister doesn't?

After we were no longer living under the same roof and we were both out on our own things became the way they are supposed to, we are friends!  Shoot, there for awhile we lived about 4 blocks from one another and it was Great!  That was when she had my oldest nephew and I really think that brought us a lot closer!!  Since he was my first nephew, I wasn't married yet, you can believe I saw him (and my sister) pretty much EVERYDAY for the first year of his life, thus how Chance and I became closer!

As the years have gone on we have still had our share of disaggrements (usually about money, what isn't?) but we really are great friends and she's my sister, no matter how annoyed I get with her I Love her and I will do ANYTHING for her!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3 - Your Crush (30 days of Me)

Well honestly I don't have a crush since I have already found the love of my life - my soulmate!  Granted, there are people out there that I find very attractive but I wouldn't say that I have a crush on anyone! 

Shane and I both LOVE the TV show Friends!  We watched all the shows when they were on (and now own them on DVD) and there was a show where they had a "list" of the famous person who is "free" for them to "sleep with"!!  Well Shane and I joke all the time about who is on our "list"! LOL  I still wouldn't call that a crush but the top of my list is Channing Tatem.  He's HOT!  For the longest time it was LL Cool J because that man has the best abs! LOL

But all in all, sorry to dissappoint but I don't have a crush!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 2 - Your Ex Boyfriend (30 days of me)

Well I have to admit that I have had my fair share of these! LOL Most of them not very serious and some of them sure were Fun!

I guess when I really think about an ex boyfriend though I do think of my most "serious" relationship before my husband and that was with Andy. (funny enough that today is his birthday as I'm writing this) Andy really was a great guy but we were young and dumb to say the least.  For a long time I really did think that we were in it for the long haul until things ended, which I have to be honest that I don't really remember exactly how they ended??  My poor brain has been fried so many times over that I can't remember a lot of things about growing up, I'm too old! 

It was just not too long ago that I was sitting at work in training and my phone said I had a friend request on Facebook and sure enough it was Andy.  I didn't know how to react?  Should I accept or not?  I talked to Shane about it that evening when I got home and of course he didn't care either way (not as if I was asking for approval but I felt it was a respect thing to let him know that I might accept the request.)  In the end I did accept because there shouldn't be any reason not to, I'm an adult, married for almost 10 years and Andy was a part of my past that I don't regret (I don't regret any of past actually) and I have wondered many times what happened to him!  So he sends me a message and we get to "chatting" back and forth via the messages on facebook.  He is married with step-kids and seems very happy.  He is sober and doing really well.  I was very happy to hear this and I am very happy for him!  I have to admit though that it was strange to "talk" to him again after so many years.  He really was the first guy I was IN love with and I wish him all the best!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 1 (of 30 Days of Me)

Day 1 is supposed to be about my best friend!  This is a hard question to answer because I honestly have three best friends that I wouldn't trade for anything!

My Husband!  He really is my best friend and I know he would be very surprised to know this but I do put him before all the others!! LOL  It's been a "thing" for many years that we've been together that I put my friends first because they are always there for me no matter what but honestly my husband has been there for me through it all for the last 10+ years!  We have known each other for 11 years and we were friends before we were lovers!  We've been through a lot in the past 11 years and I know I can always count on him to be there for me!

Brooke!  WOW, what can I say about Brooke.  She's everything I need in a friend!  She is real and will always tell me how it is no matter what.  It could be something that is going to hurt my feelings but if I need to hear it, she'll tell me!  Even though we have literally only seen each other 1 time since 2006 it doesn't matter, we are still the best of friends!  That one time we did finally see each other again, it was as if nothing had ever changed even though A LOT had changed in those years!  We both lived in OCONUS locations but still found time with the crazy time difference to talk at least once a month if not more!  I wish we could be closer together and even though I would have never wanted to live in TX I would move there in a heart beat if I had a job just so that I could be closer to Brooke!

Brandi!  She is my daughter's Godmother so we know that she is VERY important to me!  I think that without Brandi I wouldn't be the mother or the Army wife I am today! (Granted we are retired Army now)  She thought me a lot about how I WANT to be.  What kind of mother and wife (read homemaker as well) I want to be and I feel that she gave me a lot of strength in the first few years of being an Army wife and mother!   She is also my spiritual friend who helped me get back into the church and I can't ever thank her enough for that! I too would never have seen myself choose to live anywhere in LA but if I found a job, I would go in a heartbeat just to live closer to Brandi again!

Well as I said, I can't choose just one, all three are my best friends for different reasons and I will NEVER give them up!

30 Days of Me

A couple of my friends  are doing this, and it seemed like a great way for me to reveal the "real me".

Day 1 - Your Best Friend
Day 2 - Your Ex Boyfriend
Day 3 - Your Crush
Day 4 - Your Siblings (Or Closest Relative)
Day 5 - Your Dreams
Day 6 - A Stranger
Day 7 - Your Parents
Day 8 - Your Favorite Opposite Sex Friend
Day 9 - Someone You Wish You Could Meet
Day 10 - Someone You Don't Talk To As Much As You'd Like Too
Day 11 - A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk Too
Day 12 - The Person You Hate Most/Caused You A Lot Of Pain
Day 13 - Someone You Wish You Could Forgive
Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted From
Day 15 - The Person You Miss the Most
Day 16 - Someone That's Not In Your State/Country
Day 17 - Someone From Your Childhood
Day 18 - The Person That You Wish You Could Be
Day 19 - Someone That Pesters Your Mind (Good or Bad)
Day 20 - The One That Broke Your Heart The Hardest
Day 21 - Someone You Judged By Their First Impression
Day 22 - Someone You Want To Give A Second Chance To
Day 23 - The Last Person You Hugged
Day 24 - The Person That Gave You Your Favorite Memory
Day 25 - The Person You Know That Is Going Through The Worst Of Times
Day 26 - The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise To
Day 27 - The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day
Day 28 - Someone That Changed Your Life
Day 29 - The Person That You Want To Tell Everything Too, But Are Afraid To
Day 30 - Your Reflection In The Mirror

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A few pics of St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Partick's Cathedral

WOW, words don't even really describe how AMAZINGLY AWESOME St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City is!!  A few weeks ago we went into the city on a tour with LTS and we stopped at the church and Shane and I said that we must go back to mass.  Well this morning Paxton didn't have CCD classes so we went today. It was an adventure!  Got up all EARLY and on the road to the train station.  Go turned around at one point and finally found our way again to end up late to the train station and missing the train.  Okay, that's it, we're gonna drive!!  We plug in the address and get going!  It wasn't too bad of a drive until we ran into a part of the road that was closed so we take the little detour and OMG people are HORRIBLE!!  They drive where they aren't supposed to drive and could care less if you are where you are supposed to be, they just make room for themselves! UGH! 
So we get going again and end up going over the Manhattan bridge?? Hmmmm, cool going over the bridge but confused why we were??  Finally the GPS says we are where we are supposed to be? WHAT?  No we are NOT!  We are in Brooklyn!  It was the right address, just the wrong city!  We put into the GPS New York City but we should have put Manhattan in.  So we finally get the GPS going in the right direction.  Get back over towards the church and find street parking about a block and a half away! 
Got into the church and of course am totally taken aback by the beauty of it all!  Find seats and wait for Shane to get in.  Then Paxton had to use the restroom so we head to a security guard and ask where it is.  We have to go back across the street.  We RAN!  Found a restroom and got back.  Then Shane had to go too!  That's what we get for being in the car all the way from home to Garrison, to Brooklyn and back to Manhattan! LOL
When the procession was coming through, Paxton was standing on the outside and one of the priests stopped and said he was happy to see we made it back from the restroom! LOL  OMG TOO FUNNY!!! 
Mass was AWESOME!!!  There was 15 alter servers, 5 priests, 3 bishops and the Archbishop!  The three bishops were visiting, 1 from Italy and 2 from the Sudan(sp)!  It was SO COOL!  Plus, mass today about when Jesus healed the Lepers and I immediately thought of our church (which I miss dearly) in Hawaii, Saint Damian of Molokai!  When Archbishop Dolyn started his homily that is mostly what he talked about, Saint (Father) Damian!!
The Creed and the Lords Prayer where both sung in Latin and also a few of the communion songs (there were many with so many people in church)!  VERY COOL!!
During the recession, Archbishop Dolyn stopped and joked with Paxton that he could hear her signing all the way "Up there!"  It was so Cute!!
Next time we are walking around the area of the city there I am going to go in and take a TON of pictures but I do have a few!  I'll try to figure out how to post them!
Afterwards we headed out and came back towards home for Olive Garden!!  Which was "fun" too! LOL  The poor waiter was only on his second day and he made a mistake so no one got their dinners ordered in the system but by this point everyone was full from the app. and salad and breadsticks (thats all I eat anyways! LOL)  So we didn't have to pay for Shanes dinner and we got another free app to bring home! LOL
All in all a Great Day!!  Tonight is "family night" (if Paxton can ever pull away from her friends tonight) and we are going to watch Sky High!  Tomorrow Paxton starts her first day at gymnastics!!
Life is good and God is Great!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Have you ever thought that maybe you made a HUGE MISTAKE in your life and wasn't sure what exactly to do about it?  Well, I think I am here now.  I don't regret much of NOTHING that I have done in my life but I think I may have really messed up now :(  I took a HUGE risk by moving my Family across the US, away from anyone we know and any assistance we might be able to recieve because I thought I found "THE JOB" that I could turn into a career.  I really felt that God was telling me that I was meant to come to New York for this job!  Maybe I misintrupted the signs?  I don't know!

I knew that this was a contract position and that the contract would be up on 29 November but for some reason I had faith!  I really did believe that there was NO WAY this program would go away.  It's such an important program, blah blah blah.  Well again, when I'm wrong I can admit that I am wrong and here I am saying it.  I think I was wrong :(

It is a VERY IMPORTANT program to the installations who have a full going program.  Here we don't!  After talking with some "important" folks yesterday, they don't believe in the future of it either or they believe that there will be a "gap" in there.  Thus, the contract will run out and then they'll either bring back contractors for it or change it to GS.  So either way you look at it, I'll be out of a job :(  I know no "OFFICIAL" word has come out on this still but this is not only My feeling anymore, others are sharing it as well.

Speaking of GS, I am DONE.  I am ready to just throw my hands in the air and quit with that!  I have been trying for over THREE YEARS to get into the GS system and it just keeps getting worse and worse for me!  Damn it, I am a good person, I work HARD and I am DAMN GOOD at whatever it is I put my mind to but I can not get a job to save my life :(  With having No Preference really is what hurts me :(  Now, I am informed that the CPAC office here cannot post external postings and that they are sent to an office in Maryland.  Okay, no big deal right?  WRONG, this office in Maryland is behind by approx. 6 weeks in making external postings :(  So the jobs that I could possible get because I am MORE THAN qualified for will not have an exteral posting before the closing date :(  This whole system SUCKS, thats for sure and I am sick of it!

Okay, so I've been now applying for jobs with my contract company, which I LOVE by the way, but again, it's contract and you never know when it might go away!  Plus, I've been applying for "normal" civilian employment but nothing yet.  I did get a call from AFLAC but as I researched it more I would have to pay to get a licence and so forth, yeah NO, if I have to PAY to get a job, something is wrong there!

So here I sit, not knowing what else to do at this point.  I know I really need to just leave it in God's hands and he will provide for me but when I don't know exactly how I am going to be able to pay rent and bills, I get a little worried!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Church Shopping

I'm sure my Military family will understand this since there is so much moving around.  Okay, so each time we move we have to find a new church.  I'm sure some people just make do with what is on the installation or what is closest to their house but honeslty, that just isn't me!  I need to FEEL the church I'm going to.  It took me long time to come back to the church and now I really want to be somewhere that I feel welcomed!  When we were at the church in KS I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had such GREAT friends there!  We tried in Hawaii and just didn't "feel" it at first.  After awhile we tried again and something clicked!  Hawaii was FABLOUS!  We had Great priests, a wonderful choir and music and it really felt good to be there!  When I started to teach I was welcomed by everyone and it was really awesome! Well, now we are again at the point of having to find a good "home" again and I feel that I still haven't found it.  Shane really wanted to stay away from the military churches so we tried many other places but nothing was a good fit.  We finally come on post for mass two weeks ago and it was good.  The priest seems pretty down to earth and likes to joke about Army football (which if you have ever been to West Point ya know that is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing here!!).  One of the biggest problems are the pews.  They are VERY Small and Shane doesn't sit well in them (his knees have to be bent up into his chest it's so small) so we sat where he could move better but I didn't like the area!  I know, it's all a compromise! LOL  The other part is the CCD Classes!  I really want Paxton to be in class but I called and they haven't called us back :(  Also, they CHARGE MONEY for it here????  I just think that is CRAZY that I have to pay for my child to go to CCD. 
I just hope we find a place to be comfortable soon because I really miss having a good place that I feel like I belong.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall in the Northeast

Well even though I think Fall doesn't actually start for another couple of days, it is FALL in the Northeast!!  Temps have been in the 60s and I'm chilly! LOL  I do have to admit though that I am enjoying being able to throw on a hoodie!  I love my hoodies!  I can't say that I missed the seasons really when we were in Hawaii but again, I can say that it is really cool seeing the leaves change colors!  It's REALLY PRETTY here!!  I'll have to go out in the next week and take some pictures.  Another reason why I say Fall is here is because we went Apple picking yesterday!  It was really neat!  I don't remember ever going apple picking, pumpkins and strawberries yes but not apples!  We got 1/2 a bushel for $20 and OMG that is A LOT of apples!  So far I have made two apple crisps (one for me and one for work) and an apple cake!  The apple cake is from my BIL and OMG I LOVE it!  I'm not a big apple eating person (don't drink apple juice, don't eat plain apples or apple sause) but this apple cake is Awesome and of course so is my Apple Crisp! LOL  I do think I'll make some applesause for Paxton though since when I was making all her baby food that was her favorite!
I think for another part of fall we will go to Sleepy Hallow and hear the stories of the Headless Horseman and pick pumpkins!
Even though I am enjoying fall I am NOT wanting it to get any colder and have that horrible snow thing! LOL

Friday, September 10, 2010

Staying Positive

It's getting harder and harder to stay positive!  I really do try and keep myself positive and have a good outlook on life and what is thrown at me but when you are always being kicked over and over you are finally going to fall down and I think I am starting to tip over!

I still don't know anything about my job but they haven't started to rebid the contract and we are being told that no more extensions are supposed to happen so to me that sounds as if come Nov. I won't have a job any longer :( 

So now I'm focused on trying to find another job and have been putting in my resume on CPOL but it really "hurts" when I can't even get my resume picked up for a freaking GS5 Secretary Job :(  I KNOW I could do that job very easy and I am over qualified for it so what is the deal??  Why can't I even get my resume picked up!  I have rewrote my resume NUMEROUS times, per NUMEROUS Employment Specialist from different ACS's and still nothing!

Finally MY DREAM job is open, AFTB/AFAP Program Manager, I have wanted this job for YEARS now but go figure, it's not here where we are in a lease and my daughter is in school!  It's in MA which isn't that far but I am willing to live apart from my family again?  Okay, so I shouldn't even ask that because for that job I am! LOL  BUT, I have to get my resume picked up for it first and I'm not feeling so positive about it!

Six years ago when I was introduced to ACS I knew that is where I was meant to be.  I feel that I am supposed to help other military families but I guess others just don't "feel" that way about me and that is why I can't seem to get a job :(  It's just so crazy that SO many people I know (friends and those I have just met) will tell you close to the same thing about me, about how outgoing and caring I am, about how I want to make a difference in the military communities, etc, so are all these people liars or what is it about me that I can't get a job?

I know I need to just let it go and let God take me where he may but I am a control freak, everyone knows this! LOL  Okay, enough of me being Negative Nelly today and I need to get out of my FUNK!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The end of our Active Duty Army Career

It started (and has ended) with tears, in late October early November 2003 as Shane informed me that we were joining the Army.  He was in Iowa at the MEPS center and he signed his name on the dotted line.  I was excited, happy, sad, scared, you name it! (I cried A LOT but later found out I was pregnant at the time) I didn't know what it meant to be "in" the Army, but I was about to find out!

Shane left for AIT in March 2004 when I was 25 weeks pregnant.  We were very lucky he was able to come home for Paxton's birth!  Then he left again to South Carolina and we were finally put on orders to Fort Riley! YAY!  It was only 2 hours away from the only "home" I had known.  I had never been on a military installation before and was surprised at how it is it's own little city and I was very excited!  We moved in on Riley in July 2004 and I literally jumped in with both feet first. We had a couple of weeks of getting to know the area before he was sent out for training in the field. So there I was, brand new to the Army life, new mother, new home and I didn't know a single person!  I found out very quickly that sitting on my butt at home wasn't going to find me friends or teach me much about the Army.  I did find MANY online resources that I still use to this day (6 years later)!  I took all three levels of AFTB online (and went on to be an instructor!) classes and I joined a few Military sites for spouses. (Which I still belong to and LOVE to visit EVERYDAY!) I ended up going to a coffee at someones house (Kristi to be exact) within that first month of being at Riley and met many wonderful ladies (who I am still friends with).  I then went to Army Community Service (ACS) and made sure I was apart of everything they had to offer!  I wanted to learn as much as I could about being an Army wife, as fast as I could!  My friendships grew, my abilities as a mother and Army wife grew and I personally grew A LOT that first year as being an Army Wife!

We were very lucky that Shane was home for the whole first year of Paxton's life. He deployed in November 2005. So here I was, on my "own" with a 17 month old child.  I didn't know exactly how I was going to make it a full year being a single mom!  I knew it could be done though and I was going to do it but I had my doubts from time to time but I made it through with my own strength and the strength and support of those around me.  I had all my "sisters" with me at Riley and some also going through deployments.  We bonded together to help each other out anywhere we could. It is a true sisterhood that is formed with other Army wives. We were always there for each other no matter the circumstances!  These ladies were My FAMILY and we made it through the deployment with flying colors!  We made it through kids being sick, us being sick, kids going to school, ourselves going back to online college, Soldiers being hurt, you name it we did it and survived!

Shane got back home in October 2006.  He talked a lot about getting out of the Army throughout his deployment but he was missing us (as we were him) and when we were all back together he decided it was best to "stay in"!  He was able to reenlist for another 4 years with our choice of duty station.  It was either Hawaii or Germany and I told him since it was his career he got to choose.  He chose Hawaii!  WOOHOO we were going to live in Paradise!  I was excited and terrified all at once!

In June 2007 we moved to Hawaii.  When we arrived I was awe struck and couldn't believe I was really going to be living in a place like this. Of course, over the years the "awe" wore off some but I always said I loved living in Hawaii (and really miss it now that we're gone)!  Soon after we arrived though he was off for a few months to train again and then another deployment.  This time is was 15 months instead of 12.  Again, we did just what any other Army family does, we put on our big girl panties and boots and we just kept truckin along!

I went back to work while in Hawaii and even though I did (and still do feel) that I missed out on so much of Paxton's life I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to have the first 3 years of her life at home with her!  When Shane came home from deployment and said this was it, he knew that he was going to be put in for the Medical Board; I didn't know what to think.  I wasn't as terrified as I was when he talked about getting out the first deployment but I was still scared and very sad.  I literally LOVE everything about being an Army Wife!  I was able to come to terms with it (somewhat! LOL) and I knew I had to be proactive and find what was next in our lives.

I without a doubt found my calling in the workforce, I want to help Military Families!  I know it's broad but it's good enough for me!  I cannot pinpoint exactly what I really WANT to do to help Soldiers and their families but I just know that I want to help!  I feel that where I am right now is where I was meant to be, helping the Total Army Family get their voices heard (just wish the circumstances were different).  I don't know if this is where God will continue to keep me, but I know that I feel I have one of the most rewarding careers there can be!

Another thing the Army has given me is my Faith.  I walked away from the church a long time ago but through the Army I was able to find my way back. I do not know if we hadn't joined if I would have found my way back or not but what matters now is that I have. We had our marriage blessed in the Church and also Paxton baptized. While in Hawaii, Shane went through RCIA to become Catholic and we are just waiting to find a church here so we can finish that process.  I also became a CCD teacher! I NEVER pictured myself actually teaching from the bible but it was a WONDERFUL experience and I would love to do it again!

The Army has brought many people into my life that I will NEVER forget!  Some I will lose touch with but never forget.  My memories will always be there of what a wonderful experience this has been for me and my family. I have a mother, father, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, husband and daughter but there is NOTHING like the Family I have found in the Army!  HOOAH!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money, Money, Money, its all about money!

Why does everything have to be revolved around money! I HATE MONEY! Of anything in my life, I stress about Money!! I just want to be happy! Have a happy family and be able to enjoy life but we can't seem to do that without spending MONEY that we don't have! UGH!

Figuring up bills doesn't usually bother me but now that we are going to only one income it's killing me! If/when I have to switch jobs (yes, I'm having a very negitive moment again about my job not continuing) I am most likely not going to be making the same amount I am now and that is going to SUCK!!!! Right this very moment, without figuring in gas for our cars I have an extra $1000 a month to "play" with each month and living in New York, that isn't much and if/when I have to take another job (I am figuring on a salary of a GS5) that will give us a whole whopping 160 extra a month! UGH! A long time ago, I swore I would never make myself Choose between which bill to pay and which one would have to wait and I don't want to get back there! :(

I guess I might just have to get another job again. I have done it before, I know I can but the timing just sucks! I just started school again but at least thank goodness I'm doing part time and only have 1 class right now (will be two in Oct for about a month while they overlap)!

I hate that everything we want to do for FUN costs so much money! At least when we lived in Hawaii we could go to the beach for free anytime we wanted! Here the weather isn't also good enough to do outdoor activites and inside ones usually cost money!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! It's Everything and we can't live without but most of us sure don't have enough of it to really be happy! UGH!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Empire State Being

First I just have a short story before I talk about our trip into NYC. Since when I did become a total Klutz? Since I moved to New York is the answer!! OMFG I have falled down and injured myself THREE times since I lived here! I can't remember that last time I fell down before now! What is the deal? First I fell outside the airport and busted up my ankle (which btw is still not normal :( ) and then while on crutches from that I fall down outside the house and now yesterday I'm out back playing with the silly dog and I fall down again! The whole left side of my body totally wiped out on the cement! I'm scrapped up on my hand, elbow, leg and go figure, my bad ankle! UGH! I don't have any scratches on my hip but I'm developing a HUGE bruise there! That is what hurt the most was my hip, thought I broke it at one point!
I LOVE New York but I'm thinking for some crazy reason New York doesn't love me!!! LOL I think I'll have to stay inside or have someone walking with me at all times this winter otherwise I might really end up Breaking a Hip! LOL

Okay so now onto more fun things! We headed into NYC (via the train @ Garrison again). Once in at Grand Central we stopped for breakfast (which was okay with okay service) and then heading out walking to the Empire State Building. We got our tickets and headed up! The Elevator was COOL and shot right up without making any stops from the Second Floor to the 80th Floor! It was neat because it didn't show each floor on the numbers as it went up or down, it went by every 10 floors! LOL Once at 80 we had to exit to another elevator to the 86th floor which is the Obseratory! That was really neat walking around outside seeing all of that! We then went up to the 102nd floor! That was SUPER Cool! You are completely inside and looking through glass up there though! We could see the "tiny" Statue of Liberty from there! LOL Got to view a lot of Jersey from up there as well but I still don't like Jersey and their crazy detors and tolls! LOL

When we were done we headed off to FAO Swarz! Well we ended up talking the LONG way there (okay, I got us turned around, TWICE) but we finally found it! Of course we were all complaining at this point about feets, knees, ankle hurting! LOL Went through FAO and had a good time checking out all the cool toys but alas, Miss Paxton just couldn't decide on a toy so we left :( Ended up in a cab this time (which btw was a GREAT driver!!! I wasn't scared at all like last time!) and went into Times Square. We walked a little bit and stopped for lunch across from the M&M Place!

OMG We had the WORST service!! Walk in, they say, 3? Yes we say and then tell us, Go Sit Upstairs. Okay, no taking us up, nothing. When we get up stairs we go towards a back booth so we can see outside and we walk past a waiter who says, Yeah sit anywhere! So we sit and we wait, and we wait and we wait! Finally almost (I swear it was this long, but Shanes says it wasn't) 20 minutes later we get menus. Then it was at least another 15 before he comes back to take our drink order. Finally we get drinks and order our food. We wait another 20 minutes (mind you without the waiter ever checking on us) and finally get our food which my burger was bleeding :( We finally get his attention and send my food back and OMG it comes back out in like 3 mintues!! WOOHOO Faster service! YAY! FINALLY! Oh and how can I forget, this place was OUTRAGOUSLY priced!!! I'm talking $20 for a freaking Cheese Pizza for the kid!!! It was NUTS!

So then we head over to the M&M place and let Shane check it all out! It was neat to go in there again!

Then it's back to the train for us! Which, btw I found Grand Central with NO PROBLEM at all! YAY ME! Of course we stop and get cupcakes before getting on the train! hehe

We get home, let the dog out and change clothes and head out to dinner. I say I want Mexican food and Shane remembers seeing a place in Monroe. We go, it's not Mexican, go figure we're in NY, it's Italian! Okay, I can deal. It's a neat place! Its a house thats been turned into a resturant! Go figure, we sit and wait and wait and wait! I know it's busy but I'm watching people get sat after us, order and GET their food before we order??? WTF?? Finally our waiter takes our order and seriously looks annoyed that I'm asking him questions? Isn't that your JOB dude! Other bring out our food (which was Good, I ate it!!) and yet others clear our food. Didn't see the waiter again until he gave us the bill! RUDE!

It was just a crazy day for service! I have always expected a lot out of people who work in some form of Customer Service and yesterday didn't!! I have had moments here in NY but most places have been pretty good! Shoot, out of all the places we went yesterday I think the best Customer Service we got was at WalMart at the end of the night in Monroe! LOL

Friday, August 13, 2010

Paying Off Bills

Always feels so Good!! We just paid off the STAR card (AGAIN) and we are going to shred it! YAY!!! I just wish I could say this about EVERY credit card we own but alas, we will have some CC debt for some time to go :( At least I can say that we really are working on it! I know so many people have CC debt now that it seems like it's normal but it really shouldn't be that way! I remember when Shane was deployed and I was working full time, if I wanted to buy something I used my regular account and if I didn't have enough money, I didn't buy it! Too simple right? Well then life throws a curve ball at ya and you have to pick up and leave your "home" and start a new job in a new state with nowhere to live. Yep, there goes that dang CC bill again :( But alas, I will get back into if I can't afford it with "my" money, then I won't be buying it at all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time In and out of School

What is the deal? So my child will start school on a Thursday and go for two days and then have a 3 day weekend (because of Labor day) and then she does to school for two days again and then has Thur-Sun off!?!?!?!?! WHAT? Okay, fine, Shane is at home so I don't have to deal with childcare or anything at least! So then we start talking about heading back to Nebraska for Christmas since it's been YEARS since we were there for Christmas. Looking at the Calendar, she gets out of school on the 22nd (Wed) and has the next full week off and then has to be back the following Monday. It just doesn't seem like much time, 1 week and two days? I swear I remember that our Christmas breaks were MUCH Longer growing up! So if we want to drive, we spend at least 3 to 3 1/2 days traveling. Doesn't leave much QT with family :( If we fly, we spend A LOT more! LOL Then for whatever reason, in Feb. she has a another week off of school?? WHY?? I don't know! Because then another week in April for Spring Break! I guess maybe I just got used to Hawaii and them NEVER being in School at all! LOL

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have said from day one of being here in NY that I wanted to see a bear and my wish was fullfilled today!! I was driving down 293 on my way to work and came up over a small hill and saw it! He was sitting in the middle of the road on the other side from me. I stopped the car as quickly as I could while trying to grab my phone so I could take a picture! He saw me, stood up on his back legs and then took off!!! It was SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have deer, squirrles, groundhogs, woodchucks, BUGS, which are all things I've seen before in either NE or KS (of corse not in HI though) but I have NEVER seen a bear in real life (besides the zoo) so this was a first for me and I loved it!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Last 24 Hours

WOW, Where do I even start! LOL On Saturday night I needed to go to bed at a decent time since my flight was at 0600 on Sunday morning to bring me to Detroit and then onto San Antonio! Well I couldn't get to sleep for nuttin and once I did, Paxton then fell out of bed and busted her mouth! UGH! She really knocked her tooth around and was bleeding and hurting! My poor baby! She went back to sleep and I finally did was well because the 0415 phone call from hubby came way too fast! Was up and ready to go to the airport! Get everything done and go sit at the gate to be told we are delayed with Fog. Okay, no biggie, I'm a through flight and don't even have to change planes, as I knew from online and also the ticketings agents telling me this. Well we finally get on the plane and leave an hour and a half late! Everyone was calling Delta and such getting plans made, I didn't need to as I was just staying put, right? WRONG! After I'm on the plane and been asked to move my seat (which I was fine with since I moved to an exit row!) that this plane was going to Oklahoma City?? WTF?? Okay I'll figure it out when I get there. I took a quick nap, it was a quick flight! When we got in we were told that there would be someone at the desk to assist us. I go to the person and explain that I was supposed to be going to TX and that I wasn't even supposed to move planes but that this plane was now going to OK, I was told VERY RUDELY that I needed to go use the scanner at another gate and get another ticket. I tried VERY NICE AND CALM to explain again, that I wasn't supposed to have a connection and so forth. Again, I was told, I can't help you, you MUST go blah blah blah!! Fine, so I go from there to the scanner which tells me to call. So I go to the help phones and call and what do they say, Why did you get off the plane? You are supposed to be on the plane? Our computer shows you are on the plane?! WTF? I explained that, that plane was not going to TX it was going to OK and those on the phone were very confused! So he does some "digging" and comes back and says, you can still make your connection, it's at gate XX! OMFG The gate RIGHT NEXT to the one that I was just at where the very rude lady wouldn't assist me! So I run back over there to be told that even though the plane was still sitting there, I couldn't get on :( You have got to be kidding me! I am FURIOUS!!! So back to the help phones I go and they get me on Stand By for a 1250 flight (mind you it's like 9 am!) or they can confirm me for a 7pm flight! Oh HELL NO! I truck it across the whole airport to the gate that the 1250 is leaving from to see what I can do. The lady there (who was okay, not nice nice but not totally rude) says she can help me in about an hour after the flight she has up is gone or I can go back from where I came somewhat to another gate that does assistance! Okay, walk away we go! I go to the help desk and explain to them. They get me confirmed for the 1250 flight! THANK GOODNESS! I make all my phone calls and emails and go get some food! We board the flight and go on our way! Flight wasn't so good :( Felt like getting sick a few times! LOL Finally landed and I got one of the best HUGS of my life!!! BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got my bag and off we went! After getting all checked into the hotel and of course not shutting up the whole time, we went for a walk down the riverwalk! Ended up at a little Italian place and had dinner. Walked down some more and stopped at a bar and sat outside for a drink! Finished our walk down the river and then found Ice Cream!! We stopped and got some to eat on the rest of the walk "home". When we got back to the hotel we went to the hottub for a while and then back to the room to chill and have a few drinks! A few beers, A LOT of Conversation and Laughter later we crashed for the night!! Got up way to early this morning and got ready and she had to head on home to her children and I am waiting to eat my breakfast and start my Wonderful week of training!! YAY!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Only 7am!

It's only 7am and I don't think my day could get worse :( UGH! First I didn't sleep worth crap because I'm so freaking stressed out about having to find a place to live like, YESTERDAY!

I get up and get going at 0530 this morning. About to leave the hotel and find I forgot my coffee cup at work :( DANG IT, okay well I'll swing by the shopette when I get on post and get some. So 0600, I leave for work! Get to WP and go to the shoppette, yep, they're CLOSED for another 30 mins!! One Freaking Shoppette on the WHOLE post and they don't open until 0700! So I remember there was a little coffee shop not far from my office, figure it's worth a shot! Go down there, take a bit and figure out what I want (YAY they have sodas and snacks too!!) and get everything ready to the counter, hand her my card and WHAT? They don't take credit :( Okay, thats it, I'm really annoyed now! Walk down the way a bit to the ATM, come back and pay and leave!

Now I'm at work and I get an email from my PM stating I've done my timecard wrong all week :( Easy fix, but it's just another OMFG WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG moment! LOL

Today HAS to get better, that is all there is too it, it just HAS TOO!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well I am really impressed with Keller Army Hospital!! I made an appt. yesterday and was seen at 9am today! Well actually I was seen before 9 even! LOL I left my office at 0830, got to park right up front at the hospital, was seen and picked up meds and came back to the office all by 0930!! WOOHOO!! I don't think I have EVER been through the hospital that fast before!! I am now on meds everyday to "fight off" the headaches and then also new meds for if/when one does come on! We'll give it a full month and see how it works!

Heading out today to look at some places to rent! I really hope they meet my expectations because I HAVE TO FIND A PLACE TO LIVE! LOL

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WOW, what a weekend thus far!! Saturday started rough with Paxton waking up at 440am throwing up :( My poor baby but she was just fine after that! Well I stayed awake and mapped out a bunch of places to go look at (outside only) since our loan fell through and we have to find a place to live, like NOW! So after Paxton went back to sleep and woke up again, we were all off. We drove around for about an hour or so then came back to the hotel so Paxton could swim! I thought it was still a little chilly to swim so I just sat back. After that we went shopping at WM because we needed a blanket to sit on at Trophy Point at West Point for the concert and also bought a small cooler thinking we might want a drink or two with us. When we got to West Point at about 5pm I was able to park at my office which was exactly what I planned and walk up up up the hill to trophy point! We found what we thought would be a PERFECT spot on the hill (I mean really on a hill that we kept sliding down!!) We could see the band great and the river view was AWESOME! So I sit there, in the sun, dying!! It got so hot we ALL had to abandon ship and go find shade and more water! I started to feel sick to my tummy at this point as well! I think between being awake since 440am, being SO HOT and I forgot, I FELL down the hill too! LOL Finally it started to cool off and the sun started to go down. We were able to sit back on our blanket (me on the grass cuz I kept sliding down the hill) and things were okay. THEN my head started to hurt :( OMG Did it start to hurt!! I was able to make it through the whole concert and change of command until the fireworks started, which by the way we had GREAT "seats" to see the fireworks!!!!! Too bad I was fighting off throwing up so much :( We snuck outta there and made our way back to the car where I had to go into my office and use the restroom to be sick :( Poor Pax was with me and So Worried about her mama!! We finally made our way into the CRAZY INSANE traffic and mom and I both decided the best action would be the ER. So we ended up in the ER from about 10pm to 2am :( I felt SO BAD for my mom and Paxton!! P fell asleep and mom just watched tv! I got poked and prodded and FINALLY got some drugs in me and after awhile started to feel a little better. Got home about 245am and we all CRASHED! We all got up at about 945 this morning and I feel like I was out partying all night or something! LOL I am just too damn old to be out that late at night no matter what it's for!

So today we are gonna take it easy and just chill by the POOL!!!! Might find a resturant by the river tonight to chill inside at and then just eat and watch the fireworks from there! LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010

I need a DRINK!

Ya know, I'm not a big drinker anymore but right now I sure could use SOMETHING! LOL So I've been emailing ALL morning with the bank processor. First, let me say that this whole system is STUPID and there are too many hands in the pot. We have a realtor, a lawyer, a loan officer, a processor and an underwriter. There should be ONE person maybe two at the most. When you get more and more people involved things get confusing and stuff may get lost and then they'll be dealing with PISSED OFF Dawn and no one likes PISSED OFF Dawn! LOL

So anyways, the processor and I have been doing back and forth this morning via email because she tells me that it is going to take 45 days from the 26th of June to close :( WTF? WHY? Of course, I still haven't got a "real" answer on why just that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that I don't "see" so that is why it takes that long. Well I want to know what those "things" are so I can try to help the process! Then she says that the Underwriter might still need more information, okay? like what? She then says, they need copies of our SIGNED tax returns for the past two years! OMFG WHAT? Those copies are in a safe, on a boat in the middle of the Freaking OCEAN!!! Why wasn't I ever told this before hand so I could have brought them with me in a suitcase. I explained to EVERYONE I could via email (loan peoples and realtor) that durning a PRE-APPROVAL these things need to be discussed that there might be a possibitly that they might be needed so people can be prepared!
BUT, then after I'm telling her I can't those and blah blah blah, she then says that there is a form I can sign so that they can order them from the IRS for me! WTF? Why not just say that in the first place! I Swear these people are seriously just trying to F**K with me and make me stress! I have enough grey hair already, I really don't need your stupid butt making me get more! UGH!

So needles to say, it seems that I might be in a hotel for ANOTHER FULL MONTH from NOW! I seriously think I have gained like 20lbs since being here because I HAVE to eat out each night because I can't cook and I don't want to be spending a whole lot of money since EVERYTHING is costing me so much right now :( I GIVE UP! WHY did I agree to buying a house! WHY?

Please someone pass me a drink!

Work Hours / JOB

One of the many ascepts of my job that I just LOVE is that I have a flexible schedule!! Since I worked a few longer days this week now today I only have like 6 hours to put in to be at 40 hours! YAY!! Since I don't get a 4 day weekend at least I can try and do a 3 and 1/2! LOL

So we found out yesterday that there is still no word on my job :( I am still keeping the faith that they will come through and either rebid the contract or extend until they can rebid it or the make it a GS job (which we know will take FOREVER, LOL). I really don't think that God would have brought me here and put me through everything to just leave me high and dry!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York New York

Well I figured since I have so much to say about our new adventure here in New York that I would start a blog! Thus far we have been here for 1 month and I LOVE it but I'm stressed to the gills!! Mom, Paxton and I are still in a hotel and Shane is still in Hawaii! He leaves Hawaii in about 9 days though! YAY! Our loan application for our house is with the underwriter and we are just waiting to here if we are good to go or not. Once we know one way or another then we can get a move on with other things (ie, if it's a no then I can get us into a rental, NOW!) I really do want this house though! It's really nice and all redone! There are minor tweeks we must make in the house but that will happen at any place we buy!

My job is going GREAT! I am the Customer Service Officer for West Point Military Acadamey and I LOVE it! I work under Customer Management Services with Plans, Analysis and Intergration Office. Lots of words to say I'm the ICE QUEEN! LOL I am going to training in like 10 days in San Antonio, Texas for a week! Should be fun! I feel really bad that Paxton and mom are stuck here still in this hotel and whatnot but I have to admit, I want to go RELAX for a bit! I'm sure I will still be worried about the house, Shane, my job status, mom and P but I'm going to try and go out at least one night hopefully with an OLD but BEST friend and just have a good time!

We have gone to NYC once thus far since being here and I'm hoping to go again on the 4th of July! I just think it will be cool to see the fireworks from NYC! There is SO much here I want to do!!