Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York New York

Well I figured since I have so much to say about our new adventure here in New York that I would start a blog! Thus far we have been here for 1 month and I LOVE it but I'm stressed to the gills!! Mom, Paxton and I are still in a hotel and Shane is still in Hawaii! He leaves Hawaii in about 9 days though! YAY! Our loan application for our house is with the underwriter and we are just waiting to here if we are good to go or not. Once we know one way or another then we can get a move on with other things (ie, if it's a no then I can get us into a rental, NOW!) I really do want this house though! It's really nice and all redone! There are minor tweeks we must make in the house but that will happen at any place we buy!

My job is going GREAT! I am the Customer Service Officer for West Point Military Acadamey and I LOVE it! I work under Customer Management Services with Plans, Analysis and Intergration Office. Lots of words to say I'm the ICE QUEEN! LOL I am going to training in like 10 days in San Antonio, Texas for a week! Should be fun! I feel really bad that Paxton and mom are stuck here still in this hotel and whatnot but I have to admit, I want to go RELAX for a bit! I'm sure I will still be worried about the house, Shane, my job status, mom and P but I'm going to try and go out at least one night hopefully with an OLD but BEST friend and just have a good time!

We have gone to NYC once thus far since being here and I'm hoping to go again on the 4th of July! I just think it will be cool to see the fireworks from NYC! There is SO much here I want to do!!

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  1. LOL, you sound so excited to be the ICE QUEEN! :D I love how much you're enjoying this move...hope the good luck continues. :)