Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 12 - The Person You Hate Most/Caused You A Lot Of Pain (30 days of me)

A person who has cause me a lot of pain right now is LTG Lynch!  He is the General of IMCOM and he has decided to not renew the Customer Management Services Contract so I am now going to be out of a job!  So not only has he decided to put 30+ people out of jobs (some of which are the bread winners for their family) but he is getting rid of a program that has Beneifited  A LOT of Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians and Retirees throughout the US Army!  For the last couple of years a lot of the Army's focus has been on what can we do to keep our Families happy which in turn makes the Soldier's happy which keeps them IN the army and this program is a way for them to know what is wrong and suggestions for them to fix it.  Too bad because the decision of one person this avenue of getting those issues resolved is now gone :(

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