Sunday, July 4, 2010

WOW, what a weekend thus far!! Saturday started rough with Paxton waking up at 440am throwing up :( My poor baby but she was just fine after that! Well I stayed awake and mapped out a bunch of places to go look at (outside only) since our loan fell through and we have to find a place to live, like NOW! So after Paxton went back to sleep and woke up again, we were all off. We drove around for about an hour or so then came back to the hotel so Paxton could swim! I thought it was still a little chilly to swim so I just sat back. After that we went shopping at WM because we needed a blanket to sit on at Trophy Point at West Point for the concert and also bought a small cooler thinking we might want a drink or two with us. When we got to West Point at about 5pm I was able to park at my office which was exactly what I planned and walk up up up the hill to trophy point! We found what we thought would be a PERFECT spot on the hill (I mean really on a hill that we kept sliding down!!) We could see the band great and the river view was AWESOME! So I sit there, in the sun, dying!! It got so hot we ALL had to abandon ship and go find shade and more water! I started to feel sick to my tummy at this point as well! I think between being awake since 440am, being SO HOT and I forgot, I FELL down the hill too! LOL Finally it started to cool off and the sun started to go down. We were able to sit back on our blanket (me on the grass cuz I kept sliding down the hill) and things were okay. THEN my head started to hurt :( OMG Did it start to hurt!! I was able to make it through the whole concert and change of command until the fireworks started, which by the way we had GREAT "seats" to see the fireworks!!!!! Too bad I was fighting off throwing up so much :( We snuck outta there and made our way back to the car where I had to go into my office and use the restroom to be sick :( Poor Pax was with me and So Worried about her mama!! We finally made our way into the CRAZY INSANE traffic and mom and I both decided the best action would be the ER. So we ended up in the ER from about 10pm to 2am :( I felt SO BAD for my mom and Paxton!! P fell asleep and mom just watched tv! I got poked and prodded and FINALLY got some drugs in me and after awhile started to feel a little better. Got home about 245am and we all CRASHED! We all got up at about 945 this morning and I feel like I was out partying all night or something! LOL I am just too damn old to be out that late at night no matter what it's for!

So today we are gonna take it easy and just chill by the POOL!!!! Might find a resturant by the river tonight to chill inside at and then just eat and watch the fireworks from there! LOL

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