Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15 - The Person You Miss the Most (30 days of Me)

The person I miss the most???  Right now I can honestly say I miss ME, the REAL ME!  I don't feel like myself and I haven't for sometime now :(  I feel like I am trapped inside my own mind and I can't get out!  I know, I totally sound crazy and sometimes I do think I am! LOL  I really think what a lot of it is because of this transition we (Shane and I) are going through not being in the military anymore, him not working anymore, moved away from EVERYONE we knew and we still haven't found "friends" here!  I have some GREAT co-workers but alas, they are also military spouses and will be gone soon too :(  I just really do miss the person I used to be!  I was fun, full of life, wit, charm, laughter!  I feel like none of that is there anymore :(  I just keeping trying to find me and it just isn't happening.

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