Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4 - Your Siblings (30 days of me)

WOW, my sibling, what can I say about my sister Chance.  She's Great and now that I'm an adult and we don't live together I LOVE HER!! LOL

Growing up was interesting to say the least!  I was the younger sister and I wanted to be all up in her business!  Doesn't every younger sister?  Since we didn't have a lot of parental supervision (back in the day when you were able to leave children at home alone) we did a lot of whatever it was we wanted to do and of course, I wanted to do whatever it was that her and her friends were doing! I'm sure she hated me for awhile because of it! But, what older sister doesn't?

After we were no longer living under the same roof and we were both out on our own things became the way they are supposed to, we are friends!  Shoot, there for awhile we lived about 4 blocks from one another and it was Great!  That was when she had my oldest nephew and I really think that brought us a lot closer!!  Since he was my first nephew, I wasn't married yet, you can believe I saw him (and my sister) pretty much EVERYDAY for the first year of his life, thus how Chance and I became closer!

As the years have gone on we have still had our share of disaggrements (usually about money, what isn't?) but we really are great friends and she's my sister, no matter how annoyed I get with her I Love her and I will do ANYTHING for her!

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