Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Only 7am!

It's only 7am and I don't think my day could get worse :( UGH! First I didn't sleep worth crap because I'm so freaking stressed out about having to find a place to live like, YESTERDAY!

I get up and get going at 0530 this morning. About to leave the hotel and find I forgot my coffee cup at work :( DANG IT, okay well I'll swing by the shopette when I get on post and get some. So 0600, I leave for work! Get to WP and go to the shoppette, yep, they're CLOSED for another 30 mins!! One Freaking Shoppette on the WHOLE post and they don't open until 0700! So I remember there was a little coffee shop not far from my office, figure it's worth a shot! Go down there, take a bit and figure out what I want (YAY they have sodas and snacks too!!) and get everything ready to the counter, hand her my card and WHAT? They don't take credit :( Okay, thats it, I'm really annoyed now! Walk down the way a bit to the ATM, come back and pay and leave!

Now I'm at work and I get an email from my PM stating I've done my timecard wrong all week :( Easy fix, but it's just another OMFG WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG moment! LOL

Today HAS to get better, that is all there is too it, it just HAS TOO!

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