Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 5 - Your Dreams (30 days of me)

My dreams??? Hmmmm???  I dream of winning the lottery but then again who doesn't! LOL

This could be taken two routes.  What do I dream of for myself (like as my future) or what I did dream of for myself or actually what do a Dream at night when I sleep!  Well I might as well address all thee above!!

As for what I dream about at night when I sleep, I don't really know!!  I haven't been remembering many dreams lately :(  The only one I can remember was a "clip" about how I was shopping (post-op) and I kept grabbing sizes that were too big and when I finally grabbed a size clothing that fit it was a number I don't EVER remember being able to fit in! LOL

For my dreams and aspiration, well right now I can honestly say I don't have much or more so I don't have any thing that isn't attainable within a few years.  I want to have a home with a yard so that my daughter and dog have a place to play.  I want to have extra money to travel with and to just enjoy life with my husband and daughter!  I do wish that I will have a more stable job that I enjoy doing as well as I enjoy this one!

What I dreamed of for the future many moons ago was that I would someday be a Lawyer in NYC!!!  Well the lawyer part isn't ever going to happen and I won't live in NYC but I do live an hour away! YAY!!

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