Thursday, November 25, 2010

Radio City Christmas Spectular Featuring the Rockettes!

So we got tickets and headed into the city yesterday!  When we got to the train station I forgot since it was a weekday we had to pay for parking, something I hadn't had to do before but oh well, only like $3!  Get on the train and get going!  Of course while on the train I start not feeling so great (surgery wise) plus this nasty cold I have but I dealt with it!  We got to Grand Central and headed outside!  The plan was to take a taxi everywhere since it was cold and I "can't" walk as much as normal!  Well Shane pulled out his GPS on his phone and said it was close so we'll just walk.  So we head up Lexington from 42nd to 39th!  Then we go up to 6th and go figure next thing we know we are going past 42nd again!  We could have just came right up 42nd and been the same place but NOOOOOOOOO  WE were following the GPS instead :(  I was NOT a happy camper!  We are like speed walking because we know it's getting later and later and I wanted to be at Radio City by this point!  So we finally get there and head over to a LONG line when a guys says if we already have tickets we have to go to "this" line!  Well we start walking the line, and walking and walking and walking some more!  We are at LEAST three blocks away from the door :(  I'm PISSED at this point because we only have 15 mins till show time and ya know they are going to start on time.  So finally the line starts to move a little and we hear a cop say that the 54th street door is not line so we book it!!  Literally we ran (Paxton and I) and Shane had a good kick to his step too!  So we get in the line and get through the door and find our seats!! WOW, great seats on the floor!  We had like 2 mins and the show started! A guy with cotton candy comes by and I think, what the hey, lets get her some!  So I flag him over and I ask how much and he says, $12! WTF???  NO!!!!  OMG The show was just too Awesome!  It was really the best thing I've done in NY thus far!  The Rockettes were awesome and the Santa (MC) was So real like!!!  There was some surprises and it was just all around great!  Afterwards Shane wanted to go eat at Grays Papaya.  We again start to walk because he is "sure" it's just up the road!! YEAH NO!  So we get a cab!  We tell the guy 2090 Broadway and he takes us to 29th and Broadway! UMMM NO!!!  SO again we tell him the address (like 10 times) and he plugs it into his GPS and off we go!  So we get there and OMFG it was a $25.00!!!!  Again, I'm pissed but whatever!  So Shane gets his hotdogs and Paxton trys one too and they both LOVE them and they had better!!!  The hotdogs and drink cost $5 so alas, it was a $30 damn hotdog!! LOL

So we grab another cab and head back to Grand Central where Shane and Pax get cupcakes and we hit the train home!! 

According to Shane it was all an adventure and I will agree that yes in a way it was and rinding around the city with all the lights and such was cool but I was SO SORE and COLD!!!  But the whole point of us going in was for the show which was AWESOME!!!!!

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  1. Wow, I'm glad the show was awesome...and yeah, that's some adventure, lol. Those prices are crazy! :o