Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted From (30 days of Me)

Someone I have drifted from??? Hmmm??  There is A LOT of people!!  Being a part of the Military Family people come and go and some you will hold close and others you will not!  I keep thinking back to Fort Riley, the first three years of our Army life and OMG it was AWESOME!!  I got there knowing noone and nothing about the Army and I left there feeling like an experienced Army wife with power and knowledge and FAMILY!  Army spouses are more then just friends to one another, we do become a family and I really miss that family!  There was a group of us at Fort Riley, many belonging to an internet board together (many still do) but when we were all at the same place and having park play dates, coffees, ESC events, etc. it was really the best times!  I was happy and full of spark and now I have drifted from that family, that closeness with anyone in person (still have my ties with many of my Army family but it's so different when you are 1000 miles apart!).

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