Friday, September 10, 2010

Staying Positive

It's getting harder and harder to stay positive!  I really do try and keep myself positive and have a good outlook on life and what is thrown at me but when you are always being kicked over and over you are finally going to fall down and I think I am starting to tip over!

I still don't know anything about my job but they haven't started to rebid the contract and we are being told that no more extensions are supposed to happen so to me that sounds as if come Nov. I won't have a job any longer :( 

So now I'm focused on trying to find another job and have been putting in my resume on CPOL but it really "hurts" when I can't even get my resume picked up for a freaking GS5 Secretary Job :(  I KNOW I could do that job very easy and I am over qualified for it so what is the deal??  Why can't I even get my resume picked up!  I have rewrote my resume NUMEROUS times, per NUMEROUS Employment Specialist from different ACS's and still nothing!

Finally MY DREAM job is open, AFTB/AFAP Program Manager, I have wanted this job for YEARS now but go figure, it's not here where we are in a lease and my daughter is in school!  It's in MA which isn't that far but I am willing to live apart from my family again?  Okay, so I shouldn't even ask that because for that job I am! LOL  BUT, I have to get my resume picked up for it first and I'm not feeling so positive about it!

Six years ago when I was introduced to ACS I knew that is where I was meant to be.  I feel that I am supposed to help other military families but I guess others just don't "feel" that way about me and that is why I can't seem to get a job :(  It's just so crazy that SO many people I know (friends and those I have just met) will tell you close to the same thing about me, about how outgoing and caring I am, about how I want to make a difference in the military communities, etc, so are all these people liars or what is it about me that I can't get a job?

I know I need to just let it go and let God take me where he may but I am a control freak, everyone knows this! LOL  Okay, enough of me being Negative Nelly today and I need to get out of my FUNK!

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  1. hang in there sweet girl! You are amazing and it will all work out, I will be praying for you guys!