Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Church Shopping

I'm sure my Military family will understand this since there is so much moving around.  Okay, so each time we move we have to find a new church.  I'm sure some people just make do with what is on the installation or what is closest to their house but honeslty, that just isn't me!  I need to FEEL the church I'm going to.  It took me long time to come back to the church and now I really want to be somewhere that I feel welcomed!  When we were at the church in KS I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had such GREAT friends there!  We tried in Hawaii and just didn't "feel" it at first.  After awhile we tried again and something clicked!  Hawaii was FABLOUS!  We had Great priests, a wonderful choir and music and it really felt good to be there!  When I started to teach I was welcomed by everyone and it was really awesome! Well, now we are again at the point of having to find a good "home" again and I feel that I still haven't found it.  Shane really wanted to stay away from the military churches so we tried many other places but nothing was a good fit.  We finally come on post for mass two weeks ago and it was good.  The priest seems pretty down to earth and likes to joke about Army football (which if you have ever been to West Point ya know that is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing here!!).  One of the biggest problems are the pews.  They are VERY Small and Shane doesn't sit well in them (his knees have to be bent up into his chest it's so small) so we sat where he could move better but I didn't like the area!  I know, it's all a compromise! LOL  The other part is the CCD Classes!  I really want Paxton to be in class but I called and they haven't called us back :(  Also, they CHARGE MONEY for it here????  I just think that is CRAZY that I have to pay for my child to go to CCD. 
I just hope we find a place to be comfortable soon because I really miss having a good place that I feel like I belong.

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  1. Oh I so know what you mean!! It is very hard to find a Church where you feel you "BELONG" I like it to feel like a second family. I miss my old southern churches where they welcome you with BIG OL OPEN ARMS! And there is so much going on for the kids. I have been here in Michigan for 2 years now about an hour from my hometown and still haven't found one I feel I belong in. I was brought up both Catholic, Communion and Confirmation and also Southern Baptist. I even went as fat as trying the non denominational and also going to give the Methodist church a try. I have never heard of them charging for the ccd? That is crazy! I say keep searching til you find one you all like!