Friday, August 13, 2010

Paying Off Bills

Always feels so Good!! We just paid off the STAR card (AGAIN) and we are going to shred it! YAY!!! I just wish I could say this about EVERY credit card we own but alas, we will have some CC debt for some time to go :( At least I can say that we really are working on it! I know so many people have CC debt now that it seems like it's normal but it really shouldn't be that way! I remember when Shane was deployed and I was working full time, if I wanted to buy something I used my regular account and if I didn't have enough money, I didn't buy it! Too simple right? Well then life throws a curve ball at ya and you have to pick up and leave your "home" and start a new job in a new state with nowhere to live. Yep, there goes that dang CC bill again :( But alas, I will get back into if I can't afford it with "my" money, then I won't be buying it at all!

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