Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money, Money, Money, its all about money!

Why does everything have to be revolved around money! I HATE MONEY! Of anything in my life, I stress about Money!! I just want to be happy! Have a happy family and be able to enjoy life but we can't seem to do that without spending MONEY that we don't have! UGH!

Figuring up bills doesn't usually bother me but now that we are going to only one income it's killing me! If/when I have to switch jobs (yes, I'm having a very negitive moment again about my job not continuing) I am most likely not going to be making the same amount I am now and that is going to SUCK!!!! Right this very moment, without figuring in gas for our cars I have an extra $1000 a month to "play" with each month and living in New York, that isn't much and if/when I have to take another job (I am figuring on a salary of a GS5) that will give us a whole whopping 160 extra a month! UGH! A long time ago, I swore I would never make myself Choose between which bill to pay and which one would have to wait and I don't want to get back there! :(

I guess I might just have to get another job again. I have done it before, I know I can but the timing just sucks! I just started school again but at least thank goodness I'm doing part time and only have 1 class right now (will be two in Oct for about a month while they overlap)!

I hate that everything we want to do for FUN costs so much money! At least when we lived in Hawaii we could go to the beach for free anytime we wanted! Here the weather isn't also good enough to do outdoor activites and inside ones usually cost money!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! It's Everything and we can't live without but most of us sure don't have enough of it to really be happy! UGH!

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