Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall in the Northeast

Well even though I think Fall doesn't actually start for another couple of days, it is FALL in the Northeast!!  Temps have been in the 60s and I'm chilly! LOL  I do have to admit though that I am enjoying being able to throw on a hoodie!  I love my hoodies!  I can't say that I missed the seasons really when we were in Hawaii but again, I can say that it is really cool seeing the leaves change colors!  It's REALLY PRETTY here!!  I'll have to go out in the next week and take some pictures.  Another reason why I say Fall is here is because we went Apple picking yesterday!  It was really neat!  I don't remember ever going apple picking, pumpkins and strawberries yes but not apples!  We got 1/2 a bushel for $20 and OMG that is A LOT of apples!  So far I have made two apple crisps (one for me and one for work) and an apple cake!  The apple cake is from my BIL and OMG I LOVE it!  I'm not a big apple eating person (don't drink apple juice, don't eat plain apples or apple sause) but this apple cake is Awesome and of course so is my Apple Crisp! LOL  I do think I'll make some applesause for Paxton though since when I was making all her baby food that was her favorite!
I think for another part of fall we will go to Sleepy Hallow and hear the stories of the Headless Horseman and pick pumpkins!
Even though I am enjoying fall I am NOT wanting it to get any colder and have that horrible snow thing! LOL

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