Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Name New Place

It's been awhile since I blogged!  I changed the name of my blog because we are not in the Empire State anymore we are living in the land/water of Crabs now!!  So we have been living here in Maryland for about 4 months now (me a little longer) and we are Homeowners!  It's been a pretty crazy ride with all of these changes but we are really finally starting to get really settled in.  Shane started school again here (Anne Arundal Community College) and Paxton started 2nd grade at High Point Elementary!  Work is going very well (mind a little slow for my taste) for me and it is just all seeming to come together!  We haven't done a lot of "fun" things since moving here but did do a few things.  Shanes mom and dad came out for a visit and while they were here we went into DC for a day and it was nice to see the monuments again!  They all also did a water tour in Baltimore (I had to work) and we all made a trip to the OC, Ocean City that is!  We had a Great time chilling on the beach for a day too bad I didn't think and didn't put any sunscreen on!  OUCH!

Last night Paxton and I enjoyed our first ever Professional Sporting event!  Shane's been to some before but Pax and I haven't.  We went to a Washington Nationals game and they were playing the NY Mets!  It was AWESOME!!!!! We really had such an amazing time and it was a Great ending for a win!!

So I'll try to keep this a little more updated, especially as we enjoy everything that Maryland and DC have to offer!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the city!

My "old" co-workers asked if anyone wanted to have a city day with them so I jumped on the chance! We were doing a kid free/husband free day! It ended up being myself, Amanda and Amy and her baby Landon which is the BEST baby!!!!! We had such a Great day and I'm so happy Amy and Landon came with us! Amanda drove in and showed us where her "parking" spot was so next time Shane and I go hopefully we can park there too! It's right by Grant's Tomb so we stopped in there first which was neat, I probably wouldn't have gone there otherwise. We then got on the subway and were on our way, to where, we didn't care!! We got a little turned around on the subway but thats alright, it was an adventure!! LOL Finally got it all right and we went to The Met! It was really neat seeing all the old artifacts and such! We also saw a TV star - Marcia Gay Harden! I tried to get a picture of her but I didn't want to be "that person"! LOL While Amy and Amanda ate their lunch I got to feed baby Landon and it was GREAT!! I haven't been around a baby in so long! I LOVE BABIES!!! We then walked and walked and walked some more! While walking around Central Park and seeing all the Horses and Carriages it just made me what to do a ride with Shane even more!! I just think that would be so COOL! We ended up by The Plaza so we decided to go in! We went to the Eloise store which was SO CUTE! Then we stopped for tea and cookies and the tea was super yummy! Saw all sorts of "fancy" people while there, it was Cool! After that we decided to head for dinner. Amanda really wanted to show us one of her favorite places to eat. While walking there we walked by the Museum of Sex!! HAHAHA It was SO funny! I had to stop and take a picture of their window display of Dildos!! LOL The onto the the BBQ joint called Hill Country. After another small turn around (only about a 1/2 block out of our way! hehe) we got there and go seated right away! I was nervous about food like I always am since I'm so picky but OMG this was GREAT! You went to a counter and ordered your meat and they wrapped it in paper and thats what you ate it off of! LOL They had Brisket, Chicken, Pork Chops and Sausage links. I went for a 1/4 of a Chicken and even though the bone was in it (I ate very little and not close to the bone) and it was GOOD!!! Amanda let me try her Brisket and OMG that was FABLOUS!! Then they had a ton of sides but none of what I would eat but I did bring home some Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash for Shane!! LOL We then headed back out to the subway and head home and there were HUGE snowflakes attacking us!! Poor baby Landon was in his jammies (cuz he had a blow out at dinner! hehe) and it was COLD!! Got to the subway after walking past FIT which was cool!! All in all we had a Great Day in the city and I'm SO glad I was able to go with other female adults!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The day the wallet died!!

So this is a DC/MD/VA instead of Empire state blog but it all works!!  We drove down to VA to stay with Sarah and Mark on Friday and hit HORRIBLE traffic going down so we were both annoyed!  Get to the house and we just chillen out and BSed all night (really didn't go to bed until like 2am!!)  On Sat. morning Sarah, Shane, Paxton and I got in the Jeep and headed to Maryland!  We drove to Ft. Meade and checked out the PX and Class Six!! HEHE  We also found the building I am assuming will house my office! YAY!!  We then went off to check out the different areas around there.  We finally stopped for lunch in Laurel, MD at a Silver Diner.  Food was okay but nothing like OMG I have to have again!  So we head off to look at a few other areas (look at I mean drive through/by).  We finally head back to Ft. Belvoir and just as we are about to get to the gate I notice my wallet isn't in my purse!  We pull over and look EVERYWHERE in the car for it, it's NOT there :( UGH!  I had it at the diner because I had pulled stuff out of it to show Sarah but it's no where to be found at this point.  We call the diner and they say they haven't seen it but Shane doesn't trust that so we drop off Sarah and Paxton and we head back up there (45 min drive each way) to check ourselves and sure enough, it's NOT THERE! :(  I have NO ID at all (no drivers licence or military id) and all my bank cards and checks are gone :(  USAA was great and got everything taken care of.  As we drive back I keep thinking of what else was in my wallet.  My handsfree ear bud for my phone was in there, chapstick, pictures, business cards from people I've met through the years and a cool poem attached to a 2 dollar bill that I have carried since the day I graduated high school :(  I am SO SAD:(

We went through being "checked" out to get back on post but at least they did let me on!! LOL  Went back to Sarah's house and they ordered pizza which was Awesome!! hehe  Again, we stayed up until like 2 am (well Sarah and I did but Shane was sick in bed) talking! 

Sunday we got up and Sarah, Paxton and I headed to the Metro (after Shane went and had to pull out cash for me! LOL) to meet up with Jenn!  I have "known" Jenn for MANY years online but we haven't met in person!  It was GREAT!  She is such a Sweet lady and we just talked and talked and talked while we had lunch!  We walked around the mall a little bit and then headed back on the metro!  While on the way back we made plans with Shane and Mark (who went to a Tattoo convention while we shopped) to go to dinner and a movie!  We ended up at Red Robin for dinner and then to see Gulliver's Travels in 3D.  It wasn't that great of a movie and the 3D SUCKED!!  But it was just cool being out with Mark and Sarah!!

We headed home this morning and it was a uneventful trip home which is nice!  Now I just have to figure everything out on how to get my IDs!  I ordered my birth certificate last week because mine is missing and I know I'll need that to get my drivers license.  So once I get that, then I can go get my military ID! UGH!  I have to go through so much to get two little IDs but I can't do ANYTHING without them! 

It's been a crazy weekend but an enjoyable one none the least!!!  We always have such a good time when we hang out with Mark and Sarah and I can't wait to actually move in with them for awhile! YAY!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Radio City Christmas Spectular Featuring the Rockettes!

So we got tickets and headed into the city yesterday!  When we got to the train station I forgot since it was a weekday we had to pay for parking, something I hadn't had to do before but oh well, only like $3!  Get on the train and get going!  Of course while on the train I start not feeling so great (surgery wise) plus this nasty cold I have but I dealt with it!  We got to Grand Central and headed outside!  The plan was to take a taxi everywhere since it was cold and I "can't" walk as much as normal!  Well Shane pulled out his GPS on his phone and said it was close so we'll just walk.  So we head up Lexington from 42nd to 39th!  Then we go up to 6th and go figure next thing we know we are going past 42nd again!  We could have just came right up 42nd and been the same place but NOOOOOOOOO  WE were following the GPS instead :(  I was NOT a happy camper!  We are like speed walking because we know it's getting later and later and I wanted to be at Radio City by this point!  So we finally get there and head over to a LONG line when a guys says if we already have tickets we have to go to "this" line!  Well we start walking the line, and walking and walking and walking some more!  We are at LEAST three blocks away from the door :(  I'm PISSED at this point because we only have 15 mins till show time and ya know they are going to start on time.  So finally the line starts to move a little and we hear a cop say that the 54th street door is not line so we book it!!  Literally we ran (Paxton and I) and Shane had a good kick to his step too!  So we get in the line and get through the door and find our seats!! WOW, great seats on the floor!  We had like 2 mins and the show started! A guy with cotton candy comes by and I think, what the hey, lets get her some!  So I flag him over and I ask how much and he says, $12! WTF???  NO!!!!  OMG The show was just too Awesome!  It was really the best thing I've done in NY thus far!  The Rockettes were awesome and the Santa (MC) was So real like!!!  There was some surprises and it was just all around great!  Afterwards Shane wanted to go eat at Grays Papaya.  We again start to walk because he is "sure" it's just up the road!! YEAH NO!  So we get a cab!  We tell the guy 2090 Broadway and he takes us to 29th and Broadway! UMMM NO!!!  SO again we tell him the address (like 10 times) and he plugs it into his GPS and off we go!  So we get there and OMFG it was a $25.00!!!!  Again, I'm pissed but whatever!  So Shane gets his hotdogs and Paxton trys one too and they both LOVE them and they had better!!!  The hotdogs and drink cost $5 so alas, it was a $30 damn hotdog!! LOL

So we grab another cab and head back to Grand Central where Shane and Pax get cupcakes and we hit the train home!! 

According to Shane it was all an adventure and I will agree that yes in a way it was and rinding around the city with all the lights and such was cool but I was SO SORE and COLD!!!  But the whole point of us going in was for the show which was AWESOME!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15 - The Person You Miss the Most (30 days of Me)

The person I miss the most???  Right now I can honestly say I miss ME, the REAL ME!  I don't feel like myself and I haven't for sometime now :(  I feel like I am trapped inside my own mind and I can't get out!  I know, I totally sound crazy and sometimes I do think I am! LOL  I really think what a lot of it is because of this transition we (Shane and I) are going through not being in the military anymore, him not working anymore, moved away from EVERYONE we knew and we still haven't found "friends" here!  I have some GREAT co-workers but alas, they are also military spouses and will be gone soon too :(  I just really do miss the person I used to be!  I was fun, full of life, wit, charm, laughter!  I feel like none of that is there anymore :(  I just keeping trying to find me and it just isn't happening.

Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted From (30 days of Me)

Someone I have drifted from??? Hmmm??  There is A LOT of people!!  Being a part of the Military Family people come and go and some you will hold close and others you will not!  I keep thinking back to Fort Riley, the first three years of our Army life and OMG it was AWESOME!!  I got there knowing noone and nothing about the Army and I left there feeling like an experienced Army wife with power and knowledge and FAMILY!  Army spouses are more then just friends to one another, we do become a family and I really miss that family!  There was a group of us at Fort Riley, many belonging to an internet board together (many still do) but when we were all at the same place and having park play dates, coffees, ESC events, etc. it was really the best times!  I was happy and full of spark and now I have drifted from that family, that closeness with anyone in person (still have my ties with many of my Army family but it's so different when you are 1000 miles apart!).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 13 - Someone You Wish You Could Forgive (30 Days of me)

Right now the person I wish I could forgive is myself.  I am my own worst critic and I am harder on myself then anyone else!  I really feel that I have failed in providing correctly for my family and living the life I want!  I do know that it's not my fault that the contract isn't being renewd, that is dang Lynch's fault but I am the one who knew that the possiblity of the contract end was there and I chose to move my family here!  Shoot, I swear this is the second most expensive place to live (besides HI) and now we are "stuck" here until our lease is up.  Yes, if I get a job elsewhere I will move on my own to work and that itself is a SUCKY thing that again, is MY FAULT!