Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have said from day one of being here in NY that I wanted to see a bear and my wish was fullfilled today!! I was driving down 293 on my way to work and came up over a small hill and saw it! He was sitting in the middle of the road on the other side from me. I stopped the car as quickly as I could while trying to grab my phone so I could take a picture! He saw me, stood up on his back legs and then took off!!! It was SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have deer, squirrles, groundhogs, woodchucks, BUGS, which are all things I've seen before in either NE or KS (of corse not in HI though) but I have NEVER seen a bear in real life (besides the zoo) so this was a first for me and I loved it!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Last 24 Hours

WOW, Where do I even start! LOL On Saturday night I needed to go to bed at a decent time since my flight was at 0600 on Sunday morning to bring me to Detroit and then onto San Antonio! Well I couldn't get to sleep for nuttin and once I did, Paxton then fell out of bed and busted her mouth! UGH! She really knocked her tooth around and was bleeding and hurting! My poor baby! She went back to sleep and I finally did was well because the 0415 phone call from hubby came way too fast! Was up and ready to go to the airport! Get everything done and go sit at the gate to be told we are delayed with Fog. Okay, no biggie, I'm a through flight and don't even have to change planes, as I knew from online and also the ticketings agents telling me this. Well we finally get on the plane and leave an hour and a half late! Everyone was calling Delta and such getting plans made, I didn't need to as I was just staying put, right? WRONG! After I'm on the plane and been asked to move my seat (which I was fine with since I moved to an exit row!) that this plane was going to Oklahoma City?? WTF?? Okay I'll figure it out when I get there. I took a quick nap, it was a quick flight! When we got in we were told that there would be someone at the desk to assist us. I go to the person and explain that I was supposed to be going to TX and that I wasn't even supposed to move planes but that this plane was now going to OK, I was told VERY RUDELY that I needed to go use the scanner at another gate and get another ticket. I tried VERY NICE AND CALM to explain again, that I wasn't supposed to have a connection and so forth. Again, I was told, I can't help you, you MUST go blah blah blah!! Fine, so I go from there to the scanner which tells me to call. So I go to the help phones and call and what do they say, Why did you get off the plane? You are supposed to be on the plane? Our computer shows you are on the plane?! WTF? I explained that, that plane was not going to TX it was going to OK and those on the phone were very confused! So he does some "digging" and comes back and says, you can still make your connection, it's at gate XX! OMFG The gate RIGHT NEXT to the one that I was just at where the very rude lady wouldn't assist me! So I run back over there to be told that even though the plane was still sitting there, I couldn't get on :( You have got to be kidding me! I am FURIOUS!!! So back to the help phones I go and they get me on Stand By for a 1250 flight (mind you it's like 9 am!) or they can confirm me for a 7pm flight! Oh HELL NO! I truck it across the whole airport to the gate that the 1250 is leaving from to see what I can do. The lady there (who was okay, not nice nice but not totally rude) says she can help me in about an hour after the flight she has up is gone or I can go back from where I came somewhat to another gate that does assistance! Okay, walk away we go! I go to the help desk and explain to them. They get me confirmed for the 1250 flight! THANK GOODNESS! I make all my phone calls and emails and go get some food! We board the flight and go on our way! Flight wasn't so good :( Felt like getting sick a few times! LOL Finally landed and I got one of the best HUGS of my life!!! BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got my bag and off we went! After getting all checked into the hotel and of course not shutting up the whole time, we went for a walk down the riverwalk! Ended up at a little Italian place and had dinner. Walked down some more and stopped at a bar and sat outside for a drink! Finished our walk down the river and then found Ice Cream!! We stopped and got some to eat on the rest of the walk "home". When we got back to the hotel we went to the hottub for a while and then back to the room to chill and have a few drinks! A few beers, A LOT of Conversation and Laughter later we crashed for the night!! Got up way to early this morning and got ready and she had to head on home to her children and I am waiting to eat my breakfast and start my Wonderful week of training!! YAY!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Only 7am!

It's only 7am and I don't think my day could get worse :( UGH! First I didn't sleep worth crap because I'm so freaking stressed out about having to find a place to live like, YESTERDAY!

I get up and get going at 0530 this morning. About to leave the hotel and find I forgot my coffee cup at work :( DANG IT, okay well I'll swing by the shopette when I get on post and get some. So 0600, I leave for work! Get to WP and go to the shoppette, yep, they're CLOSED for another 30 mins!! One Freaking Shoppette on the WHOLE post and they don't open until 0700! So I remember there was a little coffee shop not far from my office, figure it's worth a shot! Go down there, take a bit and figure out what I want (YAY they have sodas and snacks too!!) and get everything ready to the counter, hand her my card and WHAT? They don't take credit :( Okay, thats it, I'm really annoyed now! Walk down the way a bit to the ATM, come back and pay and leave!

Now I'm at work and I get an email from my PM stating I've done my timecard wrong all week :( Easy fix, but it's just another OMFG WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG moment! LOL

Today HAS to get better, that is all there is too it, it just HAS TOO!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well I am really impressed with Keller Army Hospital!! I made an appt. yesterday and was seen at 9am today! Well actually I was seen before 9 even! LOL I left my office at 0830, got to park right up front at the hospital, was seen and picked up meds and came back to the office all by 0930!! WOOHOO!! I don't think I have EVER been through the hospital that fast before!! I am now on meds everyday to "fight off" the headaches and then also new meds for if/when one does come on! We'll give it a full month and see how it works!

Heading out today to look at some places to rent! I really hope they meet my expectations because I HAVE TO FIND A PLACE TO LIVE! LOL

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WOW, what a weekend thus far!! Saturday started rough with Paxton waking up at 440am throwing up :( My poor baby but she was just fine after that! Well I stayed awake and mapped out a bunch of places to go look at (outside only) since our loan fell through and we have to find a place to live, like NOW! So after Paxton went back to sleep and woke up again, we were all off. We drove around for about an hour or so then came back to the hotel so Paxton could swim! I thought it was still a little chilly to swim so I just sat back. After that we went shopping at WM because we needed a blanket to sit on at Trophy Point at West Point for the concert and also bought a small cooler thinking we might want a drink or two with us. When we got to West Point at about 5pm I was able to park at my office which was exactly what I planned and walk up up up the hill to trophy point! We found what we thought would be a PERFECT spot on the hill (I mean really on a hill that we kept sliding down!!) We could see the band great and the river view was AWESOME! So I sit there, in the sun, dying!! It got so hot we ALL had to abandon ship and go find shade and more water! I started to feel sick to my tummy at this point as well! I think between being awake since 440am, being SO HOT and I forgot, I FELL down the hill too! LOL Finally it started to cool off and the sun started to go down. We were able to sit back on our blanket (me on the grass cuz I kept sliding down the hill) and things were okay. THEN my head started to hurt :( OMG Did it start to hurt!! I was able to make it through the whole concert and change of command until the fireworks started, which by the way we had GREAT "seats" to see the fireworks!!!!! Too bad I was fighting off throwing up so much :( We snuck outta there and made our way back to the car where I had to go into my office and use the restroom to be sick :( Poor Pax was with me and So Worried about her mama!! We finally made our way into the CRAZY INSANE traffic and mom and I both decided the best action would be the ER. So we ended up in the ER from about 10pm to 2am :( I felt SO BAD for my mom and Paxton!! P fell asleep and mom just watched tv! I got poked and prodded and FINALLY got some drugs in me and after awhile started to feel a little better. Got home about 245am and we all CRASHED! We all got up at about 945 this morning and I feel like I was out partying all night or something! LOL I am just too damn old to be out that late at night no matter what it's for!

So today we are gonna take it easy and just chill by the POOL!!!! Might find a resturant by the river tonight to chill inside at and then just eat and watch the fireworks from there! LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010

I need a DRINK!

Ya know, I'm not a big drinker anymore but right now I sure could use SOMETHING! LOL So I've been emailing ALL morning with the bank processor. First, let me say that this whole system is STUPID and there are too many hands in the pot. We have a realtor, a lawyer, a loan officer, a processor and an underwriter. There should be ONE person maybe two at the most. When you get more and more people involved things get confusing and stuff may get lost and then they'll be dealing with PISSED OFF Dawn and no one likes PISSED OFF Dawn! LOL

So anyways, the processor and I have been doing back and forth this morning via email because she tells me that it is going to take 45 days from the 26th of June to close :( WTF? WHY? Of course, I still haven't got a "real" answer on why just that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that I don't "see" so that is why it takes that long. Well I want to know what those "things" are so I can try to help the process! Then she says that the Underwriter might still need more information, okay? like what? She then says, they need copies of our SIGNED tax returns for the past two years! OMFG WHAT? Those copies are in a safe, on a boat in the middle of the Freaking OCEAN!!! Why wasn't I ever told this before hand so I could have brought them with me in a suitcase. I explained to EVERYONE I could via email (loan peoples and realtor) that durning a PRE-APPROVAL these things need to be discussed that there might be a possibitly that they might be needed so people can be prepared!
BUT, then after I'm telling her I can't those and blah blah blah, she then says that there is a form I can sign so that they can order them from the IRS for me! WTF? Why not just say that in the first place! I Swear these people are seriously just trying to F**K with me and make me stress! I have enough grey hair already, I really don't need your stupid butt making me get more! UGH!

So needles to say, it seems that I might be in a hotel for ANOTHER FULL MONTH from NOW! I seriously think I have gained like 20lbs since being here because I HAVE to eat out each night because I can't cook and I don't want to be spending a whole lot of money since EVERYTHING is costing me so much right now :( I GIVE UP! WHY did I agree to buying a house! WHY?

Please someone pass me a drink!

Work Hours / JOB

One of the many ascepts of my job that I just LOVE is that I have a flexible schedule!! Since I worked a few longer days this week now today I only have like 6 hours to put in to be at 40 hours! YAY!! Since I don't get a 4 day weekend at least I can try and do a 3 and 1/2! LOL

So we found out yesterday that there is still no word on my job :( I am still keeping the faith that they will come through and either rebid the contract or extend until they can rebid it or the make it a GS job (which we know will take FOREVER, LOL). I really don't think that God would have brought me here and put me through everything to just leave me high and dry!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York New York

Well I figured since I have so much to say about our new adventure here in New York that I would start a blog! Thus far we have been here for 1 month and I LOVE it but I'm stressed to the gills!! Mom, Paxton and I are still in a hotel and Shane is still in Hawaii! He leaves Hawaii in about 9 days though! YAY! Our loan application for our house is with the underwriter and we are just waiting to here if we are good to go or not. Once we know one way or another then we can get a move on with other things (ie, if it's a no then I can get us into a rental, NOW!) I really do want this house though! It's really nice and all redone! There are minor tweeks we must make in the house but that will happen at any place we buy!

My job is going GREAT! I am the Customer Service Officer for West Point Military Acadamey and I LOVE it! I work under Customer Management Services with Plans, Analysis and Intergration Office. Lots of words to say I'm the ICE QUEEN! LOL I am going to training in like 10 days in San Antonio, Texas for a week! Should be fun! I feel really bad that Paxton and mom are stuck here still in this hotel and whatnot but I have to admit, I want to go RELAX for a bit! I'm sure I will still be worried about the house, Shane, my job status, mom and P but I'm going to try and go out at least one night hopefully with an OLD but BEST friend and just have a good time!

We have gone to NYC once thus far since being here and I'm hoping to go again on the 4th of July! I just think it will be cool to see the fireworks from NYC! There is SO much here I want to do!!