Sunday, October 10, 2010

St. Partick's Cathedral

WOW, words don't even really describe how AMAZINGLY AWESOME St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City is!!  A few weeks ago we went into the city on a tour with LTS and we stopped at the church and Shane and I said that we must go back to mass.  Well this morning Paxton didn't have CCD classes so we went today. It was an adventure!  Got up all EARLY and on the road to the train station.  Go turned around at one point and finally found our way again to end up late to the train station and missing the train.  Okay, that's it, we're gonna drive!!  We plug in the address and get going!  It wasn't too bad of a drive until we ran into a part of the road that was closed so we take the little detour and OMG people are HORRIBLE!!  They drive where they aren't supposed to drive and could care less if you are where you are supposed to be, they just make room for themselves! UGH! 
So we get going again and end up going over the Manhattan bridge?? Hmmmm, cool going over the bridge but confused why we were??  Finally the GPS says we are where we are supposed to be? WHAT?  No we are NOT!  We are in Brooklyn!  It was the right address, just the wrong city!  We put into the GPS New York City but we should have put Manhattan in.  So we finally get the GPS going in the right direction.  Get back over towards the church and find street parking about a block and a half away! 
Got into the church and of course am totally taken aback by the beauty of it all!  Find seats and wait for Shane to get in.  Then Paxton had to use the restroom so we head to a security guard and ask where it is.  We have to go back across the street.  We RAN!  Found a restroom and got back.  Then Shane had to go too!  That's what we get for being in the car all the way from home to Garrison, to Brooklyn and back to Manhattan! LOL
When the procession was coming through, Paxton was standing on the outside and one of the priests stopped and said he was happy to see we made it back from the restroom! LOL  OMG TOO FUNNY!!! 
Mass was AWESOME!!!  There was 15 alter servers, 5 priests, 3 bishops and the Archbishop!  The three bishops were visiting, 1 from Italy and 2 from the Sudan(sp)!  It was SO COOL!  Plus, mass today about when Jesus healed the Lepers and I immediately thought of our church (which I miss dearly) in Hawaii, Saint Damian of Molokai!  When Archbishop Dolyn started his homily that is mostly what he talked about, Saint (Father) Damian!!
The Creed and the Lords Prayer where both sung in Latin and also a few of the communion songs (there were many with so many people in church)!  VERY COOL!!
During the recession, Archbishop Dolyn stopped and joked with Paxton that he could hear her signing all the way "Up there!"  It was so Cute!!
Next time we are walking around the area of the city there I am going to go in and take a TON of pictures but I do have a few!  I'll try to figure out how to post them!
Afterwards we headed out and came back towards home for Olive Garden!!  Which was "fun" too! LOL  The poor waiter was only on his second day and he made a mistake so no one got their dinners ordered in the system but by this point everyone was full from the app. and salad and breadsticks (thats all I eat anyways! LOL)  So we didn't have to pay for Shanes dinner and we got another free app to bring home! LOL
All in all a Great Day!!  Tonight is "family night" (if Paxton can ever pull away from her friends tonight) and we are going to watch Sky High!  Tomorrow Paxton starts her first day at gymnastics!!
Life is good and God is Great!

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  1. that sounds like an amazing experience! thanks for sharing with us D2