Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the city!

My "old" co-workers asked if anyone wanted to have a city day with them so I jumped on the chance! We were doing a kid free/husband free day! It ended up being myself, Amanda and Amy and her baby Landon which is the BEST baby!!!!! We had such a Great day and I'm so happy Amy and Landon came with us! Amanda drove in and showed us where her "parking" spot was so next time Shane and I go hopefully we can park there too! It's right by Grant's Tomb so we stopped in there first which was neat, I probably wouldn't have gone there otherwise. We then got on the subway and were on our way, to where, we didn't care!! We got a little turned around on the subway but thats alright, it was an adventure!! LOL Finally got it all right and we went to The Met! It was really neat seeing all the old artifacts and such! We also saw a TV star - Marcia Gay Harden! I tried to get a picture of her but I didn't want to be "that person"! LOL While Amy and Amanda ate their lunch I got to feed baby Landon and it was GREAT!! I haven't been around a baby in so long! I LOVE BABIES!!! We then walked and walked and walked some more! While walking around Central Park and seeing all the Horses and Carriages it just made me what to do a ride with Shane even more!! I just think that would be so COOL! We ended up by The Plaza so we decided to go in! We went to the Eloise store which was SO CUTE! Then we stopped for tea and cookies and the tea was super yummy! Saw all sorts of "fancy" people while there, it was Cool! After that we decided to head for dinner. Amanda really wanted to show us one of her favorite places to eat. While walking there we walked by the Museum of Sex!! HAHAHA It was SO funny! I had to stop and take a picture of their window display of Dildos!! LOL The onto the the BBQ joint called Hill Country. After another small turn around (only about a 1/2 block out of our way! hehe) we got there and go seated right away! I was nervous about food like I always am since I'm so picky but OMG this was GREAT! You went to a counter and ordered your meat and they wrapped it in paper and thats what you ate it off of! LOL They had Brisket, Chicken, Pork Chops and Sausage links. I went for a 1/4 of a Chicken and even though the bone was in it (I ate very little and not close to the bone) and it was GOOD!!! Amanda let me try her Brisket and OMG that was FABLOUS!! Then they had a ton of sides but none of what I would eat but I did bring home some Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash for Shane!! LOL We then headed back out to the subway and head home and there were HUGE snowflakes attacking us!! Poor baby Landon was in his jammies (cuz he had a blow out at dinner! hehe) and it was COLD!! Got to the subway after walking past FIT which was cool!! All in all we had a Great Day in the city and I'm SO glad I was able to go with other female adults!!!

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